Senna League of Legends: An Ultimate Guide

senna League of Legends
senna League of Legends

You may have heard of Senna, a unique champion with a compelling backstory. senna League of Legends role as a marksman support champion and her fascinating kit makes her an excellent pick for those looking to take their gameplay to the next level.


Senna, the redeemed soul, is one of the most popular champions in the game League of Legends. With her unique backstory and abilities as an ADC, Senna has quickly become a favorite among players. She was introduced to the game in 2019 and, since then, has gained a considerable following.

In this article, we will explore the lore behind Senna, her abilities, and her impact on the game of senna League of Legends. We will delve into her backstory and how she became an undead ADC. We will also discuss her gameplay mechanics, strategies, and tips on how to play her effectively. So let’s dive into the world of Senna League of Legends.

The Lore of Senna

Senna’s story begins with her being trapped in the Black Mist, a sinister force that haunts the Shadow Isles. During her captivity, she met Thresh, a wraith-like being that tortured her and turned her into a living weapon. Lucian, Senna’s husband, rescued her from Thresh’s clutches, but the experience forever changed her.

Senna returned to the game as a champion and used her newfound powers to fight against the Black Mist and other sponsors. Her story is one of redemption, strength, and perseverance, making her a fan-favorite amongst players.

Senna’s Abilities

Senna’s abilities are a mixture of range and support, making her an excellent pick for any team. Her passive, Absolution, allows her to collect Mist from enemy champions, souls from dead minions and sponsors, and earn bonus attack range, critical strike chance, and damage.

Her first ability, Piercing Darkness, shoots a beam of light that damages enemies and heals allies in a straight line. Her second ability, Last Embrace, throws a shadowy mist that explodes after a few seconds, rooting enemies in place.senna League of Legends.

Her third ability, Curse of the Black Mist, turns Senna invisible, granting her bonus movement speed. Allies within the Mist can also become invisible, while enemies are slowed.

Her ultimate ability, Dawning Shadow, fires a massive beam of light in a straight line, damaging enemies and shielding allies in its path.

senna League of Legends
senna League of Legends

Senna’s Playstyle

Senna’s playstyle is about poking enemies from a distance while supporting her team. With her high range and crowd control abilities, Senna can dominate in the early game, securing kills and keeping her teammates alive.

Senna excels at playing with a partner, such as a melee champion like Alistar or a tank like Leona. Her ability to heal allies and slow enemies makes her an excellent support champion, while her range allows her to deal damage from a safe distance.senna League of Legends.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Senna

To make the most of Senna’s abilities, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Use your Piercing Darkness ability to heal allies during fights and poke enemies from afar.
  2. Use Last Embrace to root enemies in place, allowing your team to secure kills.
  3. Curse of the Black Mist is an excellent tool for escaping enemies and moving quickly across the map.
  4. Use Dawning Shadow to damage enemies and shield allies during team fights.
  5. Collect as many souls as possible to increase your attack range and damage.

How to Counter Senna

While Senna can be a formidable opponent, there are ways to counter her in the game. Here are some tips:

  • Focus on killing minions to deny Senna souls, preventing her from scaling.
  • Stay out of Senna’s range and avoid her Piercing Darkness ability.
  • Use crowd control abilities to prevent Senna from using her Curse of the Black Mist to escape.
  • Focus on killing Senna first during team fights to eliminate her healing and damage-dealing abilities.

The Story of Senna:

Senna’s story begins in the shadow aisles, a place of death and decay. She was a member of a group called the Sentinels of Light, tasked with protecting the living from the undead. Senna was captured and trapped in his lantern during a mission to stop the undead king Thresh. She was trapped in the lantern for years, her soul slowly withering away.senna League of Legends.

But Senna was not alone. Lucian, her husband, never gave up on her. He searched tirelessly for a way to rescue her from Thresh’s lantern. Finally, with the help of a powerful mage, Lucian could free Senna’s soul. But something had changed. Senna had been trapped for so long that she had become undead. Her body was gone, and all left was her soul, trapped in a spectral form.

Now, Senna fights alongside Lucian as a sentinel of light. She uses her abilities as an ADC to destroy evil and save souls. Senna’s journey is one of redemption as she fights to make amends for the time she spent trapped in the lantern.

senna League of Legends
senna League of Legends

Senna’s Abilities:

Senna’s abilities are unique and powerful. As an ADC, she can deal massive damage while supporting her team. Her abilities include the following:

Piercing Darkness: Senna’s Q ability is a skill shot that deals damage to enemies and heals allies hit by the projectile.senna League of Legends.
Last Embrace: Senna’s W ability roots enemies in an area after a delay.
Curse of the Black Mist: Senna’s E ability grants her and her allies movement speed and stealth while making them untargetable by auto attacks.senna League of Legends.
Dawning Shadow: Senna’s ultimate ability is a massive beam of light that damages enemies and shields allies hit by the beam.

Playing Senna in League of Legends:

Playing Senna effectively requires a combination of skill and strategy. Here are some tips on how to play Senna effectively:

Maximize your range: Senna’s range is one of her greatest strengths. Use it to your advantage, and stay out of harm’s way while still dealing damage.
Use your abilities wisely: Senna’s abilities can be used for offense and defense. Use them to heal your allies, root enemies in place, or grant your team stealth.
Farm effectively: As an ADC, farming minions, and monsters is essential to earn gold and experience.

Senna’s Abilities

Senna’s passive ability, Absolution, allows her to collect Mist from enemy champions, monsters, and minions. Once she has collected 20 Mist, she gains bonus attack range and critical strike chance. Additionally, Senna’s basic attacks deal bonus damage based on the target’s maximum health and heal allied champions for a percentage of the damage.senna League of Legends.

Senna’s Q ability, Piercing Darkness, fires a beam of light that deals physical damage to enemies and heals allied champions. Senna’s W ability, Last Embrace, roots enemies after a delay and detonates after a few seconds, dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area and stunning them.

Senna’s E ability, Curse of the Black Mist, allows her to turn invisible and gain a burst of movement speed. Allied champions inside the Mist also gain movement speed and are camouflaged. Senna’s ultimate ability, Dawning Shadow, fires a global beam of light that physically damages enemies and shields allied champions. Enemy champions hit by the beam are also slowed.

Senna’s Playstyle

Senna is a ranged champion with a unique mix of support and damage-dealing abilities. She can be played as a support, providing healing and crowd control for her team, or as a marksman, dealing damage from afar and taking down enemies with her ultimate.

In the early game, Senna’s passive allows her to collect Mist and gain bonus range and critical strike chance. Use this range advantage to harass enemies with your basic attacks and land Piercing Darkness on enemies and allies to deal damage and healing.senna League of Legends.

In team fights, Senna can use her Curse of the Black Mist to turn invisible and position herself for a devastating Dawning Shadow. Additionally, Last Embrace can root multiple enemies, setting them up for follow-up crowd control from her teammates.senna League of Legends.

Senna’s Build

Senna’s build can vary depending on whether you play her as a support or marksman. For help, prioritize items that provide healing and utility, such as Redemption and Mikael’s Crucible. For sharpshooters, prioritize things that increase attack damage and critical strike chance, such as Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon.senna League of Legends.

Regardless of your build, it is essential to prioritize collecting Mist to gain bonus attack range and critical strike chance. Use Senna’s abilities to collect Mist from enemy champions, monsters, and minions, and focus on landing basic attacks to maximize your damage output and healing potential.

senna League of Legends
senna League of Legends


In conclusion, Senna is a powerful and unique champion in League of Legends. Her backstory, abilities, playstyle, and tips and tricks make her an excellent pick for any team.

Senna is a versatile champion with a unique mix of support and damage-dealing abilities. Her passive, Absolution allows her to collect Mist and gain bonus attack range and critical strike chance, while her abilities provide healing, crowd control, and devastating damage. Whether playing Senna as support or marksman, prioritize collecting Mist and positioning yourself for powerful ultimate casts to dominate your opponents on the Rift.senna League of Legends.

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