Time Wasted on League of Legends: Understanding the Impact of Video Games on Productivity

time wasted on League of legends
time wasted on League of legends

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular online multiplayer games worldwide, with over 115 million monthly active players. As with any video game, playing LoL requires a significant investment of time, and many players often spend hours on the game without realizing how much time has passed. This article will explore the impact of time wasted on LoL on productivity and provide tips on managing gaming time more effectively.


League of Legends, also known as gamers around the world. While it may be a fun and exciting game, it can also be highly addictive and time-consuming. Many players spend countless hours playing LoL, which can negatively affect their personal and professional lives.

This article will discuss the harsh reality of time wasted on League of Legends, including the effects on mental health, relationships, and productivity. We will also provide tips and strategies for breaking the addiction and taking control of your life.

Understanding the Psychology of Gaming

Gaming can be highly addictive due to the dopamine released in the brain when we achieve certain milestones or goals within the game. In LoL, these milestones can be reaching a certain rank, earning a rare skin or item, or simply winning a match. However, excessive gaming can lead to a lack of productivity, diverting attention away from real-life responsibilities and goals.

The Negative Impact of Excessive Gaming on Productivity

Excessive gaming can lead to decreased productivity in several ways. Firstly, gaming can be time-consuming, and spending too much time playing LoL can reduce the amount of time available for other activities, such as studying or working. Additionally, excessive gaming can lead to fatigue, lack of motivation, and decreased cognitive ability, negatively impacting productivity.

time wasted on League of legends

Tips for Managing Gaming Time

To avoid the negative impact of excessive gaming on productivity, it is essential to manage gaming time effectively.

Set Limits

I will play LoL daily and stick to it. This will help ensure you have enough time for other activities and responsibilities.

Prioritize Responsibilities

Before gaming, prioritize your responsibilities and ensure that you have completed them. Allow you to enjoy gaming without worrying about unfinished work.

Take Breaks

Take regular breaks during gaming sessions to rest and recharge. This will help prevent fatigue and burnout, allowing you to stay productive throughout the day.

Avoid Late Night Gaming

Avoid gaming late at night, as this can disrupt your sleep schedule and negatively impact your productivity the next day.

Consequences of Time Wasted on League of Legends:

Adverse Effects on Mental Health:

Playing League of Legends for extended periods can adversely affect mental health. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It is further exacerbating these problems. The constant pressure to win and improve can create a toxic environment, leading to anger and frustration.

Strained Relationships with Family and Friends:

Spending excessive time playing LoL can also strain relationships with family and friends. It can lead to neglect of personal relationships, causing family members and friends to feel ignored or unimportant. It can also lead to conflicts within these relationships, as loved ones may feel frustrated or resentful about the time spent on the game.

Decreased Productivity and Time Management Skills:

Playing League of Legends can also decrease productivity and time management skills. The time spent playing the game can take away from other essential tasks, such as work or study. Focus and motivation make it tricky to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

How to Break the Addiction and Take Control of Your Life:

Acknowledge the Problem and Set Goals:

The first step in breaking the addiction to time wasted on League of legends is acknowledging the problem and setting goals. Recognize that the game is taking up too much time in your life and commit to making a change. Set specific purposes, such as limiting your playtime to several hours per day or week.

Limit Your Playtime:

One effective strategy for breaking the time wasted on League of legends addiction is limiting your playtime. Set specific times during the day or week when you can play, and stick to those times. This will help you create a healthy balance between playing the game and other essential tasks.

Find Alternative Ways to Spend Your Time:

Another strategy for breaking the addiction to time wasted on League of legends is to find alternative ways to spend your time. Look for other hobbies or activities that you enjoy, and that can help you to relax and unwind. This can include exercise, reading, or spending time with friends and family.

Seek Professional Help:

If you are struggling to break the addiction to time wasted on League of legends on your own, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. A therapist or counsellor can help you to address the underlying issues.

time wasted on League of legends

How to Stop Wasting Time on League of Legends and Be More Productive

As avid gamers, we understand the appeal of League of Legends. The thrill of competing against other players and the satisfaction of winning can be addicting. However, less time playing this game can harm our productivity and overall well-being. This article will discuss some strategies to help you stop wasting time on time wasted on League of legends and be more productive.

Understand the Consequences

The first step in breaking any habit is to understand the consequences. Playing time wasted on League of legends for extended periods can adversely affect your mental and physical health. It can lead to decreased productivity, poor sleep patterns, anxiety, and depression. Recognizing these consequences can be a powerful motivator to change your behaviour.

Set Goals and Prioritize

It’s essential to set goals and prioritize your time. Take some time to think about what’s important to you and what you want to accomplish. Once you clearly understand your priorities, you can structure your time around them. Allocate specific hours for playing the game and stick to that schedule. Doing so can ensure you have enough time for other essential tasks, such as work, exercise, and spending time with family and friends.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are one of the most significant barriers to productivity. Playing time wasted on League of legends makes it easy to get distracted by notifications, social media, or other online activities. To avoid these distractions, create a distraction-free environment. Turn off notifications and close all unnecessary tabs and apps. On the task at hand and prevent you from wasting time.

Find Alternatives

Finding alternative activities as engaging as playing time wasted on League of legends can help you break the habit. Consider taking up a new hobby, reading a book, or learning a new skill. These activities can be as fulfilling and enjoyable as playing the game without negative consequences.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Holding yourself accountable is crucial to breaking any habit. You stay on track—or professional coach. Having someone to check in with regularly will make you more motivated to stick to your goals and avoid wasting time.

How do check time waste on League?

To check the amount of time you have spent playing time wasted on League of legends, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the time wasted on League of legends client, on your computer.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile link in the top right corner of the client.
  • Select “Profile” from the dropdown menu.
  • On your profile page, click on the “Stats” tab.
  • Scroll down to the “Gameplay Stats” section.
  • Look for the “Time Played” statistic, showing you the total time you have spent playing time wasted on League of legends.

Remember that this statistic only shows the time you have spent in-game and does not account for any time you may have spent on external websites or watching time wasted on League of legends content.

What is the playtime record for League of Legends?

There is no official playtime record for time wasted on League of legends. However, it is a viral game with millions of active players, and it is not uncommon for dedicated players to have spent thousands of hours playing the game over the years.

Some third-party applications and websites allow players to track their playtime or compare it to other players. These tools can give you a better idea of the average playtime for time wasted on League of legends players, but remember that they are not official sources and may not be entirely accurate.

time wasted on League of legends


Can gaming be beneficial for productivity?

While gaming can help improve cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills, excessive gaming can decrease productivity and negatively impact mental health.

How much time should I spend gaming each day?

Your responsibilities and goals should determine the amount of time you spend gaming each day. However, setting limits and prioritizing responsibilities is essential to avoid excessive gaming.

Can gaming addiction be treated?

Yes, gaming addiction can be treated through therapy, support groups, and lifestyle changes.

Is it possible to be productive while gaming?

Yes, it is possible to be productive while gaming, as long as gaming is balanced with other responsibilities and goals.

How can I improve my productivity while gaming?

To improve gaming productivity, set limits, prioritize responsibilities, take breaks, and avoid late-night gaming.


In conclusion, while time wasted on League of legends can be fun, excessive gaming can hurt productivity. By understanding the psychology of gaming and implementing effective time management strategies, players can enjoy gaming while maintaining a healthy balance between their virtual and real-life responsibilities.

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